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Posted 07/26/2014
by Scott
Model year: 2012 Date Purchased: 2012-07-15 Number of Hours: 280

"I should have never bought this machine. I was looking for a zero turn with a small deck so I could get through the back gate at some of my customers. Also wanted a simple mower without a lot of features. Dealer knew I was commercial but didn't tell me the tractor's warranty would be voided by commercial use. Spindle broke 2 months after I bought it. Bad Boy dealer noticed that one of the bolt holes probably never had a bolt in it and there was a crack in the spindle that looked like it had been there "several weeks". I didn't hit anything or take off the spindle so the crack must have been there from the foundry and whoever assembled this forgot the bolt. Dealer said I should have noticed the missing bolt and crack when I bought it. No warranty, I bought a new spindle that is unique to Bad Boy. Parking brake just seemed to fall apart. I took it off and bypassed the safety to make it work. Front tire split and went flat. Had to buy the whole assembly because Bad Boy uses non-standard wheels from China. Back tire caught a piece of wire and went flat. Tried to put a tube in it, but there was so much weld slag on the rim, it punctured my tube. Currently running on plugs and Slim. Bad Boy uses plastic pulleys on the deck. Two have shattered and I replaced with metal pulleys. The machine started creeping in neutral. I called Bad Boy and they said I had to take it to a dealer to have it adjusted. Dealer quoted me $75. Fortunately, I found a video on YouTube and did the adjustment myself in five minutes. I'm currently working on the drive belt tensioner. It's a simple design that I like, but the modified bolt used to pull the spring isn't hardened so the hole that fastens to the spring is wallowed and the threads are mashed so I have to replace the part to increase the tension. Since I live in Arkansas, I offered to take the machine to Batesville and show Bad Boy the quality issues. They would have none of that. This machine is a maintenance nightmare. There are few off the shelf parts from the blades on up. If you buy one of these, start keeping your change because you will be nickel and dimed the entire time you own it."

Pros: Simple design. Not a whole lot of extra features that can break. Cons: The features that it does have (brakes, spindles, etc.) frequently break. Type of User: Commercial Landscape Location: USA AR I also considered buying: Hustler Raptor

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