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Sears SS16

Discontinued Model


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40 Year Old Workhorse
Posted 08/06/2014
by Brian Pacatte
Model year: 1974 Date Purchased: 1984-09-01 Number of Hours:

"Begrudgingly I rated the build quality, value and reliability at four stars. My druthers would have been to rate all categories with five stars but there have been a few problems that should be noted. Build Quality: The hood was poorly designed. Over the years I have had it repaired by professionals and well as a few simple attempts on my part to correct the major defect. That being said, the bottom of the nose cone has a tendency to snap if the chain is not secured to hold the hood in an upright position. It was cracked when I bought it in 1984 when it was ten years old for 400.00. Three attempts to fix the hood over the years have cost me more than I paid for the tractor. Considering I have owned it for thirty years, that really is not a bad investment. The drive train, mower deck , plow and front grading blade are still in good condition. Secondly, value: The tractor (which is in pretty rough shape right now) is actually worth more now even considering 1984 dollar value. The reason I gave it a four star rating is due to the cost of engine parts now days---if you can even find them. Because it is a collector's dream possession, parts do not come cheaply. With regards to the tractor itself, there are still many suburban ss/16's out there that can be picked up for a song, but a lot of work typically goes into refurbishing them. Lastly, reliability: I have seldom had a battery last more than two years. Regardless of manufacturer. There is something about the tractor that loves to consume batteries. I have also gone through three starters over the past thirty years. All in all, that really isn't that bad, but it seems to be down when I need it the most. The Onan opposed 16 hp engine is about to die. My bad, I let it sit for 14 years when I moved to an area with no land. I am retired now and ready to move to the country with plenty of land and a large garden in the planning stage. Repairing the engine may cost more than a replacement engine. I will do that only as a last resort. Either way, I see no reason to retire this old workhorse. Sears actually out did themselves when they introduced the Suburban series garden tractor."

Pros: Exceptionally strong and rugged. Built solid. Durable. Cons: A joy to ride, but somewhat uncomfortable after a few hours. Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: USA GA I also considered buying: Cub Cadet 1050

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