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2009 TYM T300
Posted 03/05/2010
by les.houston
Model year: 2009 Date Purchased: 2009-04-30 Number of Hours: 120

"I bought my T300 in late April 2009 and this baby is pretty much bullet proof! I can lift at or more than the stated 1,600 pounds with the FEL. The 3 point lifts with no hesitation. I haven't tried to max it out yet, but I have no worries it will lift as advertised. The T300 sits on a chassis that compares to most 40hp+ sits on. The ground clearance is great and all lines are tucked up and out of the way as to not get snagged on any debris or brush. As this thing sits, without any tire ballast, it weighs in at 500 to 600 pounds heavier than comparable Kubota, Yanmar (JD and Cub Cadet), Case, and others that I researched. The stance and stability of the tractor was improved by moving the rear wheels out to their maximum width. Overall handling improved once I had fluid put into the rear tires as well. I could spin the tires on gravel before I added the ballast. The 4 cyl. Mitsubishi motor is very strong. I ran a 6 foot finish mower this summer through fairly tall grass and clipped along in Mid-range - 2nd gear most of the time with no real strain on the engine. The temp stayed nice and low. I would have to clean the pre-screen in front of the radiator, but that is normal maintenance...that's why it is there. I do have to say though, compared to a 24hp, 3 cyl Kubota I used in the past, the S4L Mitsubishi does eat a considerable amount of fuel. It isn't puking it out the exhaust, it seems to be putting it all to work, so that is liveable. The S4L is also very cold natured. Anything below 30 degrees F. and it takes a bit to get it started. I just added a block heater to it, that should fix any starting problems. The exhaust is low and forward mounted out of the way for the most part. The only real issue I have found is directs its exhaust horizontal right onto the loader arm and onto the metal hydraulic lines and one greasable pivot point. I have pointed this out to TYM and got a verbal "head nod" that it wasn't the best design. I plan on taking off the muffler assembly and take it to a muffler shop and have them cut the pipe and then re-weld it at a 30 degree down angle from horizontal. This will move the exhaust off the FEL. The operator cockpit is HUGE on this thing! The floor is flat and no misc. pedals or controls sticking out in the way. I like having the stick shift at the right side of the operator. It is very handy to use the FEL and be able to shift from F to R without taking my had off the steering wheel. I suppose a left side mounted shuttle shift would work as well, but I like my setup, as is. I did not want a HST setup as I wanted more HP to the ground, so this machine is exactly what I needed! I would have liked it if the ROP were foldable and not permanently mounted in the up position. It sets right at 8 feet and makes it impossible to back into some sheds. I would have liked the FEL a bit better if the loader valve was a "Series" style where you can lift/lower and curl/uncurl at the same time. At it sits, it is one movement, then another. I know I can replace that with another one, but at this time, I will live with it. The bucket on my T300 is huge compared to what other brands have on their comparable tractors. I can fill it to overflow with any material and lift it with no problems. (I have a 55 gal drum on the 3 point, filled with granite as more ballast) I love the quick-disconnect style setup of the FEL. I can switch from my bucket to the pallet forks in less than 60 seconds and never break a sweat. Any skid-steer type connection will work on this thing, at least from what I have found so far. For a machine that is economy priced, I have to say it has been worth every penny! I would gladly recommend a T300 to anyone looking for a good priced, heavy built, dependable machine. I am adding the BT300 backhoe in a few weeks. This machine will be unstoppable."

Pros: Great Price! Heavy Duty Built. Ergonomically Designed. Super Company to Deal With! Cons: Non-foldable ROP. Exhaust discharges onto FEL. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: USA MO I also considered buying: Kioti DK35, Kubota L3400, Mahindra 3316

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