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Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle

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Leaks Oil
Posted 05/07/2015
by Dennis
Model year: 2004 Date Purchased: 2004-06-01 Number of Hours: 337

"I have a Generac engine on mine, with less than 337 hours on it and it has an oil leak. Generac told me they sell the engines to Dixie and will not stand behind them. I emailed and emailed Dixie and got no response, tried many times calling and no response. The cost of mower is high and no one wants to stand behind the product. "

Pros: Can't think of any Cons: Will not stand behind their product Type of User: Homeowner 1-10 Acres Location: USA IN I also considered buying:

Hydro Cap
Posted 04/03/2015
by Frank D
Model year: 2010 Date Purchased: 2011-03-11 Number of Hours: 875

"I've put almost 500 hours on the 875. It has worked in a hilly cemetery with a lot of tomb stones. It climbs like a powerful machine and that it is. My 28 horse power generic engine powering a lucky find 44' cut. The build quality is 99.9%, but I had to give 4 stars Why? the problem is the hydro cap. When they leak it gets the belts and slips them. A recall, I believe, is now underway for a new cap,if you own one. It dosent matter what year, you can get one. I only know about the Silver Eagle series. New belts arent fun to put on. If you experience this problem, thinking your pump is bad, check the drive belt for oil. Other then that, it's a excellent machine, not a problem yet other then the cap."

Pros: Strong steel frame, great engine, i have the same tires on for 400 plus hour and they still look good, handles terrane well, and great for in and out, quick response on hydrostatic Cons: No cons here Type of User: Commercial Landscape Location: USA MD I also considered buying:

Sorry I Bought It: Silver Eagle LT-2500---Dixie Chopper
Posted 07/22/2014
by Neil Stamper
Model year: 2006 Date Purchased: 2006-09-20 Number of Hours: 400

"Bought mower new. Now has less than 400 hours, but warranty off. Hydraulic problems, electrical problems, replaced electric PTO clutch, replaced wheel motor, already had to rebuild deck, and replace all spindles and pulleys, and belts. Very poor service for such an expensive mower. When it is running correctly, it is great, but it is always having some sort of mechanical problem. Have spent tons of money repairing it. Spends more time in shop than mowing. Would not even consider buying another Dixie Chopper."

Pros: Cuts very well when not broke down. Generac engine performs well. Cons: Always broke down. Type of User: Homeowner 100+ Acres Location: USA VA I also considered buying: Scag Sabre Tooth Tiger, Kubota ZG127E-54, Kubota ZG127S-54

Great machine
Posted 10/06/2010
by Mike Council
Model year: 2007 Date Purchased: 2006-06-03 Number of Hours: 180

"We purchased our DC from a rural dealer (now deceased) and could not be happier. The only maintenance issue was a poor connection in a cannon plug which operated the electric clutch on the cutter blades. Once I identified the correct plug, I cleaned and packed the plug with grease--no more problem. I suspect that the dealer washed the machine to get the dirt and dust off and water entered the plug housing causing corrosion. I learned to use compressed air to blow off the grass and cutting debris instead of a water hose. Too many exposed safety switches to damage with water. This machine made a 3 hour job from a 6 or 7 hour job with the previous lawn "tractor". It nearly needs a seatbelt. You can cut medium height grass and weeds at 10-15 mph forward speed. The hydraulics are smooth and easy to operate. The tires may be a bit aggressive for lawn grass. If you barrel up to a corner and slack off on the forward speed fast, the rear wheels slide and tear up the grass. You have to develop a smooth style for stopping and starting. It will spin the tires when turning up the speed again. Also, unless you already have experience with Zero turn mowers, don't push one lever one direction and the other opposite unless you don't mind huge divits in your lawn. Smooth gets the job done! I have a 25 hp Generic engine that is very powerful and smooth. It also likes gas. In the three hours needed to cut the lawn, it uses about 5 gallons. This is more fuel quanity than my John Deere tractor pulling a 10 ft. bush hog. Other than the fuel flow, the engine has been flawless. Great mower. Would buy another if I ever needed another. Great quality means that I probably will pass this one down to my grandson. Mike"

Pros: Tough construction, nice features like mulch control, & cutting height setting, etc. Cons: Burns a lot of gas. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: USA MS I also considered buying:

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